Wandering between the chaos and cacophonies he drifted through life. Unlost yet captive. Till she waltzed into his commotion. Calmly taking charge, setting him free. All he saw was her eyes. Deep. Mysterious. He knew they were magic and was now bound. Under their spell he was lost and did not want to be found.




She was the kind of girl who smiled a lot.
when hurricanes moved through her thoughts and darkness crept on her mind..
Even the chaos around her paused to admire how well she fought

She was the kind of girl who had magic in her eyes.
When she stopped and looked at u, it was to decide whether to dance with your angels or to silence ur demons, even the ones in disguise.

She was the kind of girl who had fire in her soul.
She could read you layer after layer down to ur core, touch u in places that would leave u begging for more.
But would rather kiss ur lips while holding ur face and lie in your lap all day to talk about constellations  and space



Words are funny, they flow out uncontrollably when you want them to stop but refuse to budge when you have to say a lot. Words are deceptive, they make you believe you own them, while they rule you silently. Words are confusing, sometimes they are too many, other times they are too few. Sometimes they are vain, other times they are shy. Sometimes they are honest when you wish they were a lie. Some of them hurt, some of them heal, some of them hide, others reveal. There are words which leave scars on your soul, then there are those that make you feel whole. Words that weigh you down and words that set you free. Words are magical, pick up a pen and start writing, they will take you where you want to be.

Photo credit: Ashutosh Khandkar http://www.flickr.com/photos/99126239@N04/