Captain Speaking


When you know in your soul, the most deepest connection you have with the universe is when you are up in the clouds, and in control, what do you do?

You take your engineering degree, the thrill for adventure, a desire to see the world, and the excitement of sharing stories into a little box and then create a beautiful narrative for yourself. You go out there and get yourself trained to be a pilot. And then, you do all that makes your soul rejoice.

Priyanka Arora, did just that

An engineer by qualification, a pilot by profession, now an entrepreneur delving into the world of events, Priyanka’s debut book demonstrates her passion for words through storytelling. Now writing her second book, she continues to be the Captain of her life.

Priyanka’s blog is a reflection of the writer in her, taking her characters and her readers on a journey.

Who knows, what next!!! Let’s go on an adventure with Captain Priyanka.

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