Two people, two lives, two different directions, with just a two way connection. Meeting at night, making sense of the world around and its plight, then walking away when its bright. Together through every fight, all in spirit,  but not in sight. The two, 2 am friends, keeping it together by holding on tight.



Sitting on a rock at the beach, sharing a beer with her best friend she said, “I am never falling in love again, this isn’t for me, it hurts like hell” “yes it does” he sighed  and looked away so she wouldn’t catch him staring at her. Some where up there fate smiled wickedly!





Samuel sat on his favorite bench in central park. He had been there every morning for four decades. Reading people was his favorite pass time. People got used to seeing him there till a year back someone noticed he wasn’t around. He still read the faces he saw, the faces that couldn’t see him anymore.

Photo credit: Ashutosh Khandkar