Sun Kissed


It was that time of the day when the wind settled down after a whole day of work. The ruckus on the trees stopped. The leaves whispered to each other in soft voices. The sun became calmer with every step towards his beloved earth. The borders of horizon dissolved in his aura. It was time for him to leave her, with a promise of being back the next day. She believed him, he never faltered. One more time he kissed her good night. The sun kissed earth blushed scarlet.

Photo credit: Ashutosh Khandkar

Falling In Love


She was born little and green. The green that sends a cool breeze to soothe your soul when your eyes catch a glimpse of it. Even with branches filled with those who looked liked her, she felt like she was different. She noticed things the others ignored.She heard the wind sing songs to her while others thought it was just noise..but her heart was somewhere else.
She looked at the blue sky staring down lovingly upon her from far away. The magnificent blue made her fall in love. His gaze was steady upon her.He peeped from behind white clouds, she arched her self so their eyes could meet. He sent her messages with the rain which made her giggle!His passion grew warm it made her turn red. She yearned to touch him. Having him around gave her hope. His endless size made her feel secure. For months they exchanged promises of a lifetime together, all through the day when he wore his blue hue and at the night in his magical darkness. Till she could take it no more.
One day she wore her prettiest golden dress and asked the wind to fly her away. He told her if she broke away she could never come back, if she flew to the sky she wouldn’t survive the ride.
For one kiss she said, she could give an eternity, for one touch she could leave a lifetime.
The wind blew hard aiming at the blue above, swaying her all around. She held on tight, all the while. Parts of her gave away, making her frail. Her eyes shut tight as she soared above to meet her love. She opened them the instant, she could not hold on any longer. Leapt towards him, hoping he would hold her in his arms. Kissed him with all that she had, then let go.
She fell through the winds, and branches and trees, on to the ground lay on her back soaking him in his eyes till her last breath.

photo credit: Ashutosh Khandkar