Book Review: The Diary of a Reluctant Feminist


Author: Bhavna Bhavna
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 978-93-5009-671-0
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 197
Source: Flipkart

The Diary of a reluctant feminist is a candid account of the authors struggle between being brought up with middle class values and having modern thoughts. Like the cover suggests it is a humorous take on discussing uncomfortable issues with parents, in this case: Divorce.

Bhavna succeeds in painting a graphic image of a full blooded punjabi joint family. With the grandmother “at the top of the food chain” and hierarchy followed like the martial law. The lack of privacy is just one of the problems that arises when the families of seven brothers stay together in the same house. Quirky characters like an eager to help uncle, who scouts the sunday newspapers for grooms make appearances as the story progresses.
The disharmony between generations and the effects it has on all involved comes across nicely. She has made an attempt to sprinkle humor on issues such as weight loss, arranged marriage and inter racial marriage which work very well at most instances.

It like reading a personal diary, so it got its share of rants. Some longer than the others. You sympathize with her at times, and then get to empathizing too. After all being stuck in a loveless marriage isn’t a nice thing to happen to anyone. The parents not being supportive adds to the misery. You can feel the author struggle with stringent so called middle class values and moral rules. The redundancy of the whole exercise leaves a bitter after taste in the mouth.
In short it’s a complicated story of a simple divorce.

Over all the book is a good one time read, just to know what the author has gone through. The beginning of each chapter is with a well written poem and ending is with a check list, a nice twist added there.

Rating: 2.5/5

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