Love is..?


Its that time of the year when everyone around me is talking about Love. It must be in the air or something! Some are madly in love, others are looking for the mad kind of love. Longing for the long lost love, or waiting for the new one to blossom, its keeping them busy. Its described as a profoundly tender, passionate feeling for another person. The red colour, the heart shape, roses are all things that show love.
I have found myself utterly confused as far as this goes. I don’t like the colour red much, I would pick black over it any day! I find the shape of the heart funny and in no way romantic. Roses are great, but what I don’t get is, how can something that dies in a day, convey eternal love.

I might sound like a cynic, but I am all for it. I have fallen in it, hurt myself and fallen again.
For me love is simple. Love is the hug, when you need it the most. Love is the tears in your eyes when someone is in pain. Love is his thoughts peeping through your clouded mind. Love is when you laugh at his unfunny jokes and yet your heart smiles. Love is when he taking your name, makes you skip a beat. Love is when he stays awake talking to you, because you cannot sleep. Love is the 4am good night message after chatting the whole night. Love is writing your heart out in letters to her and not sending them. Love is a state of hyper awareness yet complete loss of control. Love is when your differences stop making a difference. Love is getting lost together. Love is a kiss on the forehead. Love is when you fight with each other for each other. Love is a wish that floats on an eye lash. Love is his name on my pillow every night.

Love is magical, its pure and its divine. I have seen it surpass the boundaries of time, distance and even death. Love is the smile on my mother’s face when she takes my Dad’s name even after three decades of being away. Love is how he watches over her from high up in the sky. They make me a believer, and so I admit, I believe in love.  They are the stars of my favourite love story. If I get half of what they have, I will have seen love in all its glory.

Since its in the air, why not ride the tide! Go take a chance, Love is..definitely worth a fight!