Moon Bird

She was born with eyes the color of the sky and hair red like the blazing sun. Different from everyone around her, she grew up odd and uncertain. Like half of her was made of stars, distant, barren yet shining bright, the other half was made of scars, filled with darkness.
She had always loved the darkness, the darkness that she lived in and the one that lived inside her.

As the twilight faded she walked through the cold snowed streets. People hurriedly got out of her way. Words like Wiccan and Witch loomed in the air.
“Don’t look into her eyes, they steal your soul” she heard someone whisper over her shoulder. She chuckled at the thought and kept walking, not like she ruled the world, but like she didn’t care who did.

A little girl who sat on her grandmother’s lap looked straight at her. Amused as she was at her audacity, it made her smile.
“Grammy her eyes are blue, like diamonds princesses wear” she squealed.
“Those blue eyes, little moon bird ” the old lady replied “Have the power to bend fate”
“Is she a witch?” the little girl went on
“We are all granddaughters of witches the world couldn’t burn” she said as she continued platting the long thick hair of the child sitting on her lap

The old lady’s words filled her lungs with life. She knew. She knew!

It was the night of the full moon. The ivory satin from the skies fell upon the snow, bringing the heavens along for one night, unabashed. She walked into the thick of the forest, where the trees whispered charms to each other and giggled. Taking off her hood she stood there stark as the shimmer soaked every inch of her body with divinity.
In that moment the moon was awoken. The gleam arose.

The spell had begun…