He sat alone having a beer at the café by the crossroads. He had finally decided to go ahead with it. He was there to make a deal with the devil, selling his soul to be rich, so she could be happy and fall in love with him. In that moment it all seemed worth it.



I really like crossroads, they come around every now and then breaking the monotone of life. Standing at the precipice of deciding which direction to take, is a moment which makes me feel most powerful and powerless at the same time. The thrill of a new journey, sorrow of the one ending, excitement of the ride, a little nervousness all meet at the crossroads. The shot of adrenaline, the manic beating of the heart makes me feel alive.
“Here I am at these crossroads again,
wondering what will never become of me.
Now and then, I’ll take one on the chin.
Because I wear my heart upon my sleeve.”