Addiction is defined as dependence or commitment to a habit-forming substance to the extent that its cessation causes trauma. In simpler words when you cant do without something, you are addicted to it.
There are various things people get addicted to, but the most common yet the most dangerous drug out there is Love. It takes you high like nothing else can, makes a dreamer out of you. Sometimes a poet or a writer even. The classic give away of someone being under the influence is the silly smile on the face for no apparent reason. Its one of the side effect of the kick!
Like any other psycho active substance Love has its share of adverse effects. Its absence leaves you shattered and with scars that don’t heal. It makes you vulnerable and breaks you sometimes. The effect of it is such that you start loving what it did to you, even when it hurts,  still high on the last fix and craving another one desperately. Getting drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal your brokenness.
So some like it hot, some like cold, some like it shy, others like it bold. I like mine in deep red, almost charred black with desire. The ridiculous, inconvenient, all consuming kinda love. Its like a fire that burns yet keeps me warm. I am addicted!