It’s possible to find order in chaos, and it’s equally possible to find chaos underlying apparent order. Order and chaos are slippery concepts. They’re like a set of twins who like to swap clothing from time to time. Order and chaos frequently intermingle and overlap, the same as beginnings and endings. Things are often more complicated, or more simple, than they seem. Often it depends on your angle. I think that telling a story is a way of trying to make life’s complexity more comprehensible. It’s a way of trying to separate order from chaos, patterns from pandemonium.

6 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Very engaging! I am not disagreeing, but allow me a little latitude.
    I think order is the next evolutionary step for what seems like chaos. That said, ‘order’ has always been there per se, it is only after that essential bit of mayhem does it reveal itself. Like sun after a thunderstorm- always been there, just comes out when the storm is over.

      • They don’t have to, but they do depending on our comprehension. If we can not see/asses/assimilate order, how do we claim its existence? Its like that circular argumen about egg-or-hen-first.

        Existence of each does depend on the other. But am not sure aboit your logic… Agree with the continuity bit.

        Once again, well conceived write-up…

      • Totally does πŸ™‚ I agree. Our reality is limited by our perception, yes!

        Pleasure πŸ™‚

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