Captain Speaking



A Software Engineer by qualification and a Commercial Pilot by passion Capt. Priyanka Arora is a potent combination of a dreamer and dream chaser. The belief that life should be lived laterally makes her a Jane of all trades and a master of some.

A voracious fiction reader, Priyanka, has been blogging for over two decades. Her flights of fancy have been fueled by the parables of her adventurous life.
Her debut novel “Simple Plane Love” was inspired by the stories gathered from being a part of the Aviation industry for over a decade, both in the cabin and the cockpit.

When not writing she is found, speaking her mind on twitter as @captain_speakin or clicking neck twisting selfies for ipriyanka.arora on Instagram.
She is the co founder of India’s premier Sufi music festival, The Sufi Route and the co-creator of Project Nirmaan, a youth outreach program designed for the amelioration of life in the UT of J&K.

Priyanka lives in Goa with her dog Her Puppyness Lil Miss Hibiki.

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