Captain Speaking


Priyanka Arora’s flight began with an engineering degree and a 9 to 5 job, eventually making a big change in track to being a cabin crew member with one of the leading airlines of the country. Once in the air, the idea of being in the cockpit fascinated her more than flying in the aft, thus began the dream-chaser’s journey.

She went to California to train as a commercial pilot. She came back with stripes on her shoulders, wings on her chest and lots of stories to tell.

A wordsmith by nature, she combined her passion for flying and story telling as she chased another dream of authoring a book. Her debut book, a contemporary romance, Simple Plane Love was published by Rupa Publications and went on to be a popular read.

She is already working on her second fiction.

The motto of this enterprising and effervescent Priyanka is to fly through life laterally, and exploring more promising avenues and more dreams to chase!



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